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After eight years of innovation work, Ramon Gray at Zicon has developed a revolutionary system of building using modern components of exceptional manufacture and build accuracy. This enables the fast building of structures of exceptional strength and resilience by unskilled staff, while also delivering remarkable ecological benefits.


Redefining the Way 
We Build

“This is a system for the masses. Building quickly and to standards previously unheard of.  For families who can currently only dream of a home of their own.  For those in the Western world, those in developing countries and those who need shelter from either natural or man-made disasters, I designed this for you."

Ramon Gray
Inventor & Designer
Zicon CEO

Ramon Gray

Our Journey So Far & Future Roadmap


Ramon Gray incorporates a UK company to progress fast build structures for humanitarian relief work.


Following his involvement with a trade mission to India, Gray works with the renowned architects Gensler for a slum development in the Dhara Para, Kolkata, West Bengal. Administrative difficulties in India prevented progress.

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