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For all concerned in developing and building,

the Zicon system brings huge benefits across the board.

Zicon System


This system produces structures that are simpler to build but significantly stronger than traditional systems.  They employ just one insulated block that replaces twin walling, have high levels of insulation, and do not employ any wet trades on site. Building is much cleaner with minimal setup and almost zero waste.  The site environmental impact is exceptionally low, and the new materials being used reduce harmful CO² from the construction by over 90%.  Ultimately the full build will be around three times faster than traditional building and at around 20% lower costs.

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Better in practically every dynamic

Exceptionally strong structures with high insulation levels

Exceptional build tolerances provide high air tightness

No wet trades involved

Minimal impact on site environment

Set-up is much easier, and waste reduced to <5%

3x faster & 20% lower cost to build

Investment cost reduced (shorter timescales)

Risk reduced due to higher performance with more certain timescales and outcomes

Zicon construction technology system

The Zicon system is designed around four main design criteria: -


  • The use of Geopolymer concrete for commercial housing – a world first, that is exceptionally eco-friendly compared to traditional concrete.


  • The use of the tie bar system with multiple ring beams– reminiscent of that used in Australia for housing in hurricane prone areas


  • Exceptional manufacture and build tolerances previously unseen in housing projects


  • A dry build technique allowing fast and accurate building by unskilled workers


This enables a labour friendly design & construction of high efficiency and low carbon footprint.


  • Walling (@ 70kg/m²) can be installed by unskilled or self-build workers

  • The build is exceptionally fast at around 4m²/person/hour

  • Strong blocks combined with the tie-bar system and three ring beams (on a two-storey house) result in walls with exceptional confined strength.


  • The block construction method delivers walling accurate to 1mm in all dimensions

  • ​Knowledge of accurate finished internal and external room/wall/floor sizes (including openings) at the design stage

  • This size knowledge allows data to be sent automatically to fitting suppliers of fittings for materials to be cut and shaped by semi-autonomous machines in factory environments

  • Once delivered to site, fittings are installed much quicker and to higher quality

  • Infinite design possibilities with only a minimal restriction on sizing due to the small block configuration.


  • The exceptional confined strength of the build system also points to an expectation that foundations will in many cases be reduced* while also being ideal where historical mining or local geological conditions are an issue

  • Site contamination approaching zero

  • Total waste from manufacture through to full build expected to be less than 5%.

Self Builders & Small Commercial Builders


The Zicon system introduces a walling technique that self-builders and small builders can implement themselves

Simple set-up with lower and more accurate timescales and costings

Built at a significantly faster pace means less risk & lower costs

Outcomes are millimetre accurate, even by unskilled workers

The build is highly ecological, produces minimal waste and almost zero site contamination, and no water requirements

An expectation that the strength of the system will allow shallower foundations

Planning and design easier - Zicon plans to commission a stock of ready - made plans in multiple shapes and sizes.

Higher quality outcomes from a much simpler build



“We see the self-build and small builder market as being critical to meeting the demand for new housing.  Ultimately this is a build system much simpler for the self-builder and small builder to implement and finance, supplying housing in shorter timescales with higher quality outcomes and at lower costs.”

Ramon Gray

Inventor & Designer

Zicon CEO



UN Resolution on Homelessness Feb 2020

Across the world, in all the continents and in all the regions, there is a housing deficit between what is needed and what can be supplied.  The UN says that 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing conditions and that this affects young people the most.  This is where the Zicon system can make a world-wide impact.  

For mass housing where national governments have struggled to supply housing at the rate required, including the replacement of slums and favelas.

zicon slum Picture1.png


For the immediate relief after natural or manmade disasters in support of UNHCR, the WFP (World Food Programme) and/or international agencies, Red Cross/Crescent, MSF etc for the provision of Command-and-Control bases or Field Hospitals and Medical Centres

Relief agencies can fly in multiple containers containing everything needed for an immediately effective command and control centre and/or field hospital.

All the equipment needed electrical generators, lighting, communications systems, computers, beds, medical equipment, desks, chairs etc can be included.

 Building designs and internal layouts are pre-planned, all equipment has wiring already formed and ready for installation.

Only three supervisors are needed to manage the build.

The facility can be up and running within 5 – 7 days.

Humanitarian Relief


  • Relies on the huge strength of the system – experience from this type of build in India and Namibia proves homes and facilities can be built without foundations

  • The Zicon system enables the survivors themselves to build, means there is potentially immediately delivering a huge effective workforce

  • Putting the survivors to work, gives them hope, a job and motivation where previously there might have been none

  • The exceptional accuracy of the system means the planning and equipment design and development can be produced prior to shipping

  • In effect this is a giant LEGO system with all the necessary components, not in a box but in several containers, stored in strategic positions around the world ready to move at a day’s notice

  • Built units provide excellent working/living conditions and security against bad weather

  • Zicon building are constructed very quickly but just as quickly demounted into component form.  So, there is no waste when the emergency is over. The components can be used for housing or other uses by the indigenous populations or moved to totally different locations.

  • Costs are very low compared to equivalent current builds.

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